How To Do A Mid-Year Goal Review

Goals are an essential part of any successful person's life! That is why they should be set, nurtured, and evaluated!

We sit down at the beginning of the year eager to plan the next 12 months of our lives. We jot down goals with excitement and enthusiasm.

Until life happens... 

The goal setting aims to allow us to become the best version of ourselves!

We are six months into the year and it is the perfect time to ask yourself:

How close am I to achieving my goals?

There are three reasons to do a mid-year goal review.

  1. Measure your progress.
  2. Adjust your plan.
  3. Determine the relevance of previous goals.


"A Goal without a plan is only a dream." -Brian Tracy


Now that you know that you have to do a goal review.

Where do you start?

There are four simple steps to reviewing your goals.

  1. Reflect on accomplishments and mistakes.
  2. Identify and prioritize your goals.
  3. Evaluate your plans for achieving them.
  4. Implement changes that were made in your daily action steps.


Create a list of daily action steps to achieve your long-term goals. 

Ask yourself:

Do your daily tasks align with your goals?

If not, create a list of daily tasks that will allow you to reach your goals one day at a time!

"A goal properly set is halfway reached."-Zig Ziglar