Are you ready to sell your home?

Potential home buyers want to be able to envision themselves and their personal belongings in your home. Below are recommendations for preparing your home for sale to help that potential home buyer see themselves living in your home.

Rent a storage unit

The more spacious your home feels, the easier it is for a prospective buyer to imagine living in it. Most homes show better with less furniture. Rent a storage unit to store furniture and other items during your transition to a new home.

Less is more

Regardless of what time of year it is, it is time for spring cleaning. You want potential buyers to walk in envisioning themselves with their personal belongings in your home. However, potential buyers can be distracted by your personal belongings, photos, and heirlooms. Depersonalize & declutter by storing some of your personal effects and furniture in a storage unit.

  • Clear off kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Remove the extra leaves from your dining room table
  • Pack up knick-knacks and personal photos
  • Organize closets and storage spaces
  • Reduce clutter in drawers and cabinets

Remove/Replace favorite items

While you can list exclusions from the sale, such as curtains and rods, it is best practice to remove anything you aren’t willing to part with. If a buyer doesn’t see it, they won’t want it. 

Get a home inspection

Home inspections are not required before listing your home, but having one can reassure prospective buyers. Additionally, it can help you get ahead of any needed repairs and eliminate surprises.

Make minor repairs

Making these minor repairs before selling your home can help with your home’s appeal.

  • Patch holes in walls
  • Paint walls with neutral colors
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs
  • Clean out the fireplace
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Ensure your air filters have been replaced recently

Make your home sparkle and shine

  • Clean out the fireplace
  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Clean out the refrigerator and pantry
  • Clean light fixtures, ceiling fan blades and air vents
  • Dust all furniture regularly
  • Sweep and/or vacuum daily
  • Musty smelling closet space? Remove and wash all contents and place a box of baking soda in the closet.
  • Clean blinds and curtain rods

Spend time on curb appeal

Your home’s curb appeal will be the first impression a prospective buyer has of your home. It can make them rush in or drive away quickly.

  • Lawn care is a must. Mow the lawn, trim shrubs and bushes and pull those pesky weeds from flower beds. 
  • The front door should be good as new and free of scratches in the paint.
  • Ensure your front door area is free of clutter such as shoes or kids toys. 
  • Consider having potted plants or yellow flowers near your front door. It is said that yellow evokes a buying emotion.